Thursday, January 5, 2017

Wood Duck Lecture this week January 8

I have been finally putting together my waterbird collection taken over a period of years. Seems like it took forever but there were thousands of photos, I hate to say how many.

Here are some of my favorite friends, the Wood Ducks, resplendent during courtship season! I am participating in a lecture about the wood duck at Winding Trails in Farmington, CT. which will be followed by a nature walk led by the park's naturalist. form the lecture.

The Wood Duck can be found all over North America but most winter in the Southern part of the country where they pair up for the mating season.  They fly up north in March again to complete the mating cycle, nest and lay their eggs.  Winding Trails where I am giving the lecture is active in building and installing nest boxes for these wonderful birds to encourage their reproduction.

Beautiful Mandarin, Trumpeter Swan and Barrows Goldeneye

Good morning, here are 3 more beautiful waterbirds from our exhibit, Waterbirds In Love, at the Connecticut Audubon Society in Pomfret ! ...