Saturday, March 28, 2009

Duck Report - Wood Ducks, Cinnamon Teals,Mandarins, Abyssinians

Another lively afternoon at the Pond!

Hissing of the Wood Ducks

Stay away from my woman!
And don't come back!
The regular Green maned wood duck searched in vain the entire time I was there for a mate.  He had his eye on a silver female, also a wood duck but that was not a good choice. She was guarded by a rather sinister silver wood duck drake.  He became positively menancing toward the green-headed duck. Two silvers glared and hissed at the approaching Green-maned Wood Duck who, intimidated, slunk away. 
Thereafter the poor colorfully striped wood duck roamed the pond swimming with striped mandarins, striped mergansers and striped ring tails who looked similar to him..but  none of whom showed any interest in him.  I hope he has better luck today!

The Cinnamon Teals

The Cinnamon Teal and also the Ringed Teal were each going through love rituals with hot prospects including rubbing up against one another, touching bills, bobbing and other activities

Mandarin Drake Bathing

The beautiful Mandarin Drake was taking an extensive bath with an elaborate drying off and grooming ritual, splashing everyone in sight.  

The Abyssinian (Blue-winged) Geese

The abyssian geese were their usual outspoken selves, walking around, surveying the scenes and speaking loudly with each other. 

Impeyan Pheasant

The pheasant made more appearances than usual, probably curious at all the activity

Respectfully submitted, Carol

Beautiful Mandarin, Trumpeter Swan and Barrows Goldeneye

Good morning, here are 3 more beautiful waterbirds from our exhibit, Waterbirds In Love, at the Connecticut Audubon Society in Pomfret ! ...